Foreign Exchange Hedging

What is what is a Forex Hedge?

A hedge in forex is a kind of transaction used to safeguard an existing or planned position from a threatening change of exchange rate. The use of forex hedges is by a variety of market participants, such as traders, investors, and companies. When using a hedge for forex properly, someone who is a long-term investor in an exchange rate or currency pair in foreign currencies, or anticipates to do so in the near future through the transaction could be protected from risk on the downside. In addition, a investor or trader short of a currency pair can safeguard themselves against risks of rising with an hedge in forex.

Understanding the Forex Hedge

It is crucial to keep in mind that a hedge isn’t a strategy to make money. A hedge for forex is designed to safeguard against loss, and not earn an income. In addition, the majority of hedges are designed to eliminate only a small amount of risk of exposure instead of all since there are expenses for hedging that may exceed the benefits at an amount of time.

If the Japanese company plans to sell its equipment to customers in U.S. dollars, for example, it can safeguard some of the transactions by choosing an option for currency exchange that could gain in the event that the Japanese yen appreciates in value over the dollars. If the sale is without protection and the dollar gains or remains stable against the yen, the company will only be able to pay for costs associated with the choice. If the dollar is weaker and the profits of the currency option could compensate for some of the losses incurred when repatriating proceeds from the transaction.

Foreign Exchange Hedging

Employing an Forex Hedge

The most common methods for hedging forex trades is through spot contracts as well as foreign currency options or currency forwards. Spot contracts are typical transactions made by retail forex traders. Since spot contracts come with the shortest delivery period (two days) they aren’t the most efficient currency hedge instrument. In reality the traditional spot contracts is typically reasons why a hedge is required.

Options for foreign currency are among of the most sought-after strategies for hedging currency. Similar to options on other kinds of securities, options on foreign currency give buyers the option however not the obligation to purchase and sell the pair of currencies at a certain exchange rate at a certain time in the near future. Options strategies that are commonplace are a good option using long strangles, long straddles and bear or bull spreads to reduce the risk of losing any trade.

An example of an Forex Hedge

For instance for instance, if an U.S. investment bank was scheduled to transfer some profits that it earned within Europe it could hedge a portion of the anticipated profits by purchasing an option. Since the planned transaction is to sell euros and then buy U.S. dollars, the investment bank would purchase an option to sell euros. If it purchases the put option the company will be locked into an at-worst rate for the transaction to be completed, which is an amount that is the strike. Similar to the Japanese business example when the currency is higher than the strike price at the time of expiry, then the company will not use the option and instead perform the transaction in the market. The cost of hedge is the price that the option to put is.

Some retail forex brokers do not permit hedges on their platforms. You should study the broker you are using before you begin trading.

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